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rayHandle - Ray Handle from a casted ray, as returned by CAST_RAY_POINT_TO_POINT
hit - Where to store whether or not it hit anything. False is when the ray reached its destination.
endCoords - Where to store the world-coords of where the ray was stopped (by hitting its desired max range or by colliding with an entity/the map)
surfaceNormal - Where to store the surface-normal coords (NOT relative to the game world) of where the entity was hit by the ray
entityHit - Where to store the handle of the entity hit by the ray

Result? Some type of enum.

NOTE: To get the offset-coords of where the ray hit relative to the entity that it hit (which is NOT the same as surfaceNormal), you can use these two natives:
Vector3 offset = ENTITY::GET_OFFSET_FROM_ENTITY_GIVEN_WORLD_COORDS(entityHit, endCoords.x, endCoords.y, endCoords.z);
Vector3 entitySpotCoords = ENTITY::GET_OFFSET_FROM_ENTITY_IN_WORLD_COORDS(entityHit, offset.x, offset.y, offset.z);

Use ENTITY::GET_ENTITY_TYPE(entityHit) to quickly distinguish what type of entity you hit (ped/vehicle/object - 1/2/3)

Syntax, hit, endCoords, surfaceNormal, entityHit);

Required Arguments

  • rayHandle: int
  • hit: BOOL
  • endCoords: Vector3
  • surfaceNormal: Vector3
  • entityHit: Entity handle or object

Return value

  • object: hit, endCoords, surfaceNormal, entityHit


// todo

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