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Not sure how or why this differs from 0x7EE9F5D83DD4F90E, but it does.

This function casts a ray from Point1 to Point2 and returns it's ray handle. A simple ray cast will 'shoot' a line from point A to point B, and return whether or not the ray reached it's destination or if it hit anything and if it did hit anything, will return the handle of what it hit (entity handle) and coordinates of where the ray reached.

You can use _GET_RAYCAST_RESULT to get the result of the raycast

Entity is an entity to ignore, such as the player.

Flags are intersection bit flags. They tell the ray what to care about and what not to care about when casting. Passing -1 will intersect with everything, presumably.

1: Intersect with map
2: Intersect with vehicles (used to be mission entities?) (includes train)
4: Intersect with peds? (same as 8)
8: Intersect with peds? (same as 4)
16: Intersect with objects
32: Unknown
64: Unknown
128: Unknown
256: Intersect with vegetation (plants, coral. trees not included)

NOTE: Raycasts that intersect with mission_entites (flag = 2) has limited range and will not register for far away entites. The range seems to be about 30 metres.

Syntax, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, flags, entity, p8);

Required Arguments

  • x1: float
  • y1: float
  • z1: float
  • x2: float
  • y2: float
  • z2: float
  • flags: int
  • entity: Entity handle or object
  • p8: int

Return value

  • int


// todo

See also

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