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Starts or stops the engine on the specified vehicle.

vehicle: The vehicle to start or stop the engine on.
value: true to turn the vehicle on; false to turn it off.
instantly: if true, the vehicle will be set to the state immediately; otherwise, the current driver will physically turn on or off the engine.

And what's with BOOL otherwise, what does it do???
I have no clue what 'otherwise' is either. Xbox360 of course ends at TU27 so that's our latest scripts and every script still only has the first 3 parameters.
Side Note: It would of been nice though if it was to handle jet engines instead of having that separate native for it.


vehicle.setEngineOn(value, instantly, otherwise);

Required Arguments

  • value: Boolean
  • instantly: Boolean
  • otherwise: Boolean

Return value

  • Undefined


// todo

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