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Example usage
VEHICLE::GET_CLOSEST_VEHICLE(x, y, z, radius, hash, unknown leave at 70)

x, y, z: Position to get closest vehicle to.
radius: Max radius to get a vehicle.
modelHash: Limit to vehicles with this model. 0 for any.
flags: The bitwise flags altering the function's behaviour.

Does not return police cars or helicopters.

It seems to return police cars for me, does not seem to return helicopters, planes or boats for some reason

Only returns non police cars and motorbikes with the flag set to 70 and modelHash to 0. ModelHash seems to always be 0 when not a modelHash in the scripts, as stated above.

These flags were found in the b617d scripts: 0,2,4,6,7,23,127,260,2146,2175,12294,16384,16386,20503,32768,67590,67711,98309,100359.
Converted to binary, each bit probably represents a flag as explained regarding another native here:

Conversion of found flags to binary:

At exactly 16384 which is 0100000000000000 in binary and 4000 in hexadecimal only planes are returned.

It's probably more convenient to use worldGetAllVehicles(int *arr, int arrSize) and check the shortest distance yourself and sort if you want by checking the vehicle type with for example VEHICLE::IS_THIS_MODEL_A_BOAT


Conclusion: This native is not worth trying to use. Use something like this instead:

Syntax, y, z, radius, modelHash, flags);

Required Arguments

  • x: float
  • y: float
  • z: float
  • radius: float
  • modelHash: Model hash or name
  • flags: int

Return value

  • Vehicle handle or object


// todo

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