Using DLC Packs with Custom Textures

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Before you start trying to create a custom dlc pack with a handful of images you will need two programs installed and ready.

Affix setup is below.

  • Google: Affix for GTA V without OpenIV

Setup Affix

  • Create a directory for 'ArchiveFix.exe' and keep it in its own folder.
  • Start GTA V through RAGE:MP or Normally.
  • Open an administrative command prompt and navigate to your 'ArchiveFix.exe' directory location.
  • Once in the same folder as 'ArchiveFix.exe' you will need to type the following:
ArchiveFix.exe fetch
  • After typing this command you will need to wait several minutes. 10+
  • Once it is done you should have the following files in your directory:

Meta Files

There are two files you need to create for a new archive. Create these files on your desktop.


Inside of these files you will need to add the following code and replace 'REPLACEME' with exact characters that you would like to replace them with. 'dlc_' is required. Ie. StuykTextures.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <disabledFiles />
    <includedXmlFiles />
    <includedDataFiles />
            <overlay value="true" />
            <disabled value="true" />
            <persistent value="true" />
            <filesToDisable />
            <txdToLoad />
            <txdToUnload />
            <residentResources />
            <unregisterResources />
    <patchFiles />


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <timeStamp>03/30/2018 17:26:39</timeStamp>

Setting Up An Archive

Generally speaking when you're working with the creation of a new dlcpack you will need to have the following structure according to this page:

- dlc.rpf
    - content.xml
    - setup2.xml
    - x64
        - textures
            - myCustomFile.rpf
                - myYTDFile.ytd

Here's an example of folder structure:


  • You can use CTRL + ALT + O in OpenIV to open a new folder.
  • Open a New Folder and then right-click the white-space on the right-side of OpenIV and create a new RPF file.
  • This RPF file must be called 'dlc'.
  • Inside this rpf mimic the above folder structure.
  • You must extract the myCustomFile.rpf and drag / drop it on 'ArchiveFix.exe'
  • Then delete the internal myCustomFile.rpf and replace it with the new 'Encrypted' archive.
  • Once you are done with this step you take the entire 'dlc.rpf' and drag / drop it on 'ArchiveFix.exe' as well.
  • Once this is complete you will have a fully encrypted archive ready for your server.

DLC Pack Installation

The name of your DLC Pack is the name of your folder for the dlc pack.

Basic Folder Path: