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System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005)

Disable any antivirus software or add an exception in your antivirus to not do anything with RAGE:MP files on your computer and try to install RAGE again. This error is most common with users antivirus software removing RAGE:MP files.

If disabling your antivirus/windows defender still doesn't fix this, right click on RAGE:MP and select Troubleshoot compatibility. This has also been said to fix the issue

ERROR: Your game version is not supported by RAGE Multiplayer

If GTA V has just updated, this error will show, wait for RAGE:MP to update, if there has been no update, upgrade your GTA V version as you're running an outdated version.

(STEAM ONLY) Game launching into Singleplayer

Completely quit Steam, then run RAGE:MP and let RAGE:MP launch steam and the game and you should load into the game. This, however, doesn't always work for Steam users but has worked for some.

Game is crashing before it's even launched

Some players have reported if you have any GTA V mods installed inside your GTA V folder, you should remove this and it has been known to fix this issue.

NVIDIA USERS: Disable Nvidia Shadowplay and see if that stops the crashing, some players have reported issues with this.

Game is crashing once I join a server(As soon as it says 'Multiplayer started')

Try moving your RAGE:MP to a different drive (For example, from C:\ to D:\)

If the server has voice chat, disable anything that may be blocking your microphone or any voice changers, this causes you to crash.

Failed to retrieve the install directory

This can occur if you've selected the wrong directory, or possibly that you have an outdated GTAV.exe/GTA V files. Make sure you're selecting the right directory, it should contain your GTAV.exe file. If you're sure it's the right directory, it has been said that you can try reverifying your game files as you may have an outdated/corrupt/modified GTAV.exe that RAGE:MP isn't picking up.

RAGE:MP freezes each time I click on a server

This happens when the directory you've selected doesn't contain a GTAV.exe most of the time. Another reason can be that if you have a Steam version, that you aren't logged into Steam so it's unable to launch GTA V.

I launch RAGE Multiplayer and nothing happens

Disable your antivirus, this can happen when you're missing files. If you don't have one installed, try reinstalling RAGE Multiplayer again.

I'm getting frameskipping while playing on any server

If you run autohotkey, try turning it off before launching RAGE:MP. If you run on a 144Hz monitor, lowering your FPS/Hz to 60 seems to stop this from happening.

GTA V starts up with a black screen and then suddenly closes/crashes after clicking 'Play Now'

If this is the first time ever using RAGE:MP or you have just reinstalled RAGE:MP, this will make your client crash as the 'Play Now' button is used to reconnect to your last connected server. Please use the 'Servers' tab or the 'Direct Connect' tab to join a server first, then you can use the Play Now button to reconnect to your last joined server.

"A legal up to date Grand Theft Auto V copy is required to play RAGE Multiplayer"

If you pirated the game, there's no fix, buy the game as RAGE Multiplayer does not support pirated versions of the game.

If you have purchased the game some files may have not updated properly, start by verifying your game files, if that doesn't fix it, go into your game folder and delete 'GTA5.exe' and then use 'PlayGTA5.exe' and run the game. After this you should be able to play RAGE:MP

RAGE:MP closes when I open it

The majority of the time this is your antivirus software stopping the application from running. Even in instances of it being 'turned off' this will still occur, to make sure it's your antivirus software, uninstall it and restart your computer and try to run RAGE:MP again.

Game launching into Singleplayer/Main Menu

Make sure you have the Visual C++ redistributable 2015

Visual C++ redistributable 2015 Download

System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden

Your IP is blocked from accessing the update server, you'll either need to get a new IP address or use a VPN as your IP might be considered high risk

Stuck and Repeat on Loading files.../... (0/xx) when connecting to a server

Your IP is blocked (banned) from the download server, the solution could be the previous FAQ above or ask for an unban, however if you are the server owner, disable the enable-http-security setting and restart your game & server.

You might also need to delete the resource files that was previously downloaded & cached in client_resources/server-ip folder if available.

Try to not press any non game key nor send/type any command to the server until the download is finished, as this could be falsely detected as fake requests by the server.