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picName1 & picName2 must match. Possibilities: 'CHAR_DEFAULT', 'CHAR_FACEBOOK', 'CHAR_SOCIAL_CLUB'.
flash is a bool for fading in.
1 : Chat Box
2 : Email
3 : Add Friend Request
4 : Nothing
5 : Nothing
6 : Nothing
7 : Right Jumping Arrow
8 : RP Icon
9 : $ Icon

'sender' is the very top header. This can be any old string.
'subject' is the header under the sender.
'duration' is a multiplier, so 1.0 is normal, 2.0 is twice as long (very slow), and 0.5 is half as long.
'clanTag' shows a crew tag in the 'sender' header, after the text. You need to use 3 underscores as padding. Maximum length of this field seems to be 7. (e.g. 'MK' becomes '___MK', 'ACE' becomes '___ACE', etc.)
iconType2 is a mirror of iconType. It shows in the 'subject' line, right under the original iconType.


mp.game.ui.setNotificationMessageClanTag2(picName1, picName2, flash, iconType1, sender, subject, duration, clanTag, iconType2, p9);

Required Arguments

  • picName1: String
  • picName2: String
  • flash: Boolean
  • iconType1: int
  • sender: String
  • subject: String
  • duration: float
  • clanTag: String
  • iconType2: int
  • p9: int

Return value

  • int


// todo

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