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  • conf.json - is a configuration file which allows you manage your server easily.


The following table will explain the use of the following settings:

Setting Default value Description
announce false Announce to the master server so people can see you in their server browser.
bind The IP to listen to.
gamemode Freeroam The server's gamemode. List of valid gamemodes
encryption false Whether the connection to the server will be encrypted or not.
maxplayers 100 Maximum number of players your server will hold.
name RAGE:MP Unofficial server Server name that will be displayed to the master server. Use [] for tags. Eg. "Beast [Serious Roleplay]"
stream-distance 500.0 The distance on the X,Y plane which server entities will stream in for connected players.
port 22005 The port that the server will use. The server uses both UDP and TCP protocols.
The port after that one (port + 1, so 22006 by default) will be used for the HTTP server that hosts the client packages for the clients to download from.
disallow-multiple-connections-per-ip false Allows (false) or disallows (true) multiple players to connect from the same IP address
limit-time-of-connections-per-ip 0 Maximum time a player can try to reconnect before getting timeout
url Website URL. Must be a valid URL. Truncated to 20 characters in RAGE-MP Master List Web (shows fine in RAGE-MP client).
language en Server's language (needs to be a string, example: "language": "en")
sync-rate 40 This number indicates how many times per second the server has to synchronize its entities
resource-scan-thread-limit Indicates the maximum number of threads used for resource scanning
max-ping Maximum Ping accepted for the server
min-fps Minimum FPS required for the server
max-packet-loss Maximum Packet loss accepted in the server
allow-cef-debugging Whether the client can (true) or not (false) debug the server's CEF pages
enable-nodejs true Enables NodeJS serverside
csharp disabled If your server will be using the C# bridge plugin set it to true, else don't add this line
enable-http-security false When set to true, enables an extra security layer to avoid the server being flooded by fake HTTP requests
voice-chat boolean true / false
allow-voice-chat-input (only available via registry at the moment); default value: 1
voice-chat-sample-rate allowed values are 8000, 16000, 24000, 48000
fastdl-host String URL, this parameter specifies the external URL from which clients will be able to download needed clientside packages.
Otherwise they will download them directly from the server.

Sample file

This is an example of conf.json:

        "announce": false,
        "bind": "",
        "gamemode": "freeroam", 
        "name": "RAGE:MP Unofficial server [Tag]", 
        "maxplayers": 100,
        "port": 22005,
        "stream-distance": 500.0