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About RAGE Multiplayer

RAGE Multiplayer is an initiative started by an experienced team to provide an alternative, enjoyable, and stable multiplayer experience for Grand Theft Auto V. Started in May 2016, RAGE continues to be a very delicate project with great potential noticed by many. Our sole focus is to mold this project in a self-sustaining community that promotes creativity and originality. Thanks to the C++ foundation, RAGE doesn't depend on any external files or programs; since it's built with C++.

RAGE is a complete, stand-alone client with great functionality. The team focuses on continuous performance and stability improvement while simultaneously adding new features and expanding the API.

RAGE evolves with time, which is also true if we are talking about the emotional state. We hope to keep delivering the best experience possible in the online GTA V community.

As of July 2017, we have announced our cooperation and merge with GTA Network. We are combining both projects and teams into one to strengthen the development of an alternative multiplayer experience for Grand Theft Auto V. It is unknown under what name will the new project will continue. However, we are in the process of preparing and finalizing.


RAGE Multiplayer provides an easy, responsive client launcher to play and manage multiplayer games. It also helps you get the most out of your GTA V gaming experience with smoother frame rate than in single-player mode and accurate synchronization during gameplay (To learn more about synchronization, check out our Youtube channel at RAGE_Multiplayer#Social). A lot of time is being spent on making a good game like you've never seen before.

Installing RAGE is very easy. Go to Getting_Started_with_Client and follow the instructions. For further development announcement see our forum.


RAGE Multiplayer provides a powerful API for the developer to build his ultimate server without limitation, you only decide when the limit comes. It also supports powerful language that can be used to do anything that is impossible. RAGE:MP uses NODEJS Server-side and Javascript Client-side. Also RAGE:MP is powered by CEF(Chromium Embedded Framework) which you can use to create UI overlays with HTML, CSS, JS and WebGL! Isn't this awesome? Also after the merge between GTA:Network and RAGE:MP, Both have worked together to create the bridge which will allow you the import your GTA:Network scripts to RAGE:MP easily, and also script with C#. RAGE:MP have also released a Public C++ SDK which allows you to create wrappers/plugins for the other languages!.


You can always follow us on our social platforms to get more news and meet the community!.

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Thanks for reading this article and we wish to see you in-game soon!