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This function returns the entity object, if valid from the server-side generated entity.id. This is important to know, because the client-side entity.id may be different to the entity.id server-side.


Entity pool.atRemoteId(Number ID)


An entity with the selected remote ID from a pool, or undefined if entity with this remote ID does not exists.

Required Arguments

  • ID: Entity remote ID ( entity.remoteId )


This example will check player with ID in pool, and write player name into chat if he exists.

// client-side entity.remoteId would return the server-side entity.id
let localPlayer = mp.players.local;
let player = mp.players.atRemoteId(localPlayer.remoteId);

// usually it's used as you have sent the server-side entity.id to clientside and want to grab the correct entity
// in this example, we got the ID "1" from the server-side and there are more vehicles on the server, where the client-side vehicle ID is "0"
let vehicleID = 1;

let vehicle = mp.vehicles.atRemoteId(vehicleID);

if(vehicle) {
	// now we have the vehicle entity, which is the same like server-side

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