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<b> You cannot pass Vector3 types </b> ''(send them through x,y,z and put them in a Vector3 type variable in the client function)''
==See Also==
==See Also==

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This function call added client-side event for any players in a specific dimension. NB: I just tested in local, without error, but it need to be tested with, at least, two players (in different dimensions).


player.callInDimension(Number dimension, String eventName [, ...args]);

Required Arguments

  • dimension: The dimension in which the event will be sent.
  • eventName: Event name, what will be called.
  • args: Any arguments, what should be sended to client. Supports entities, strings, numbers and booleans. (Objects and Arrays should be packed to JSON format.)


That's example will call event added on client side for player inside the dimension ID 2 and disable regeneration health.

let disableRegeneration = () => {
	mp.game.player.setHealthRechargeMultiplier(0); //Disable regeneration
	mp.gui.chat.push("Regeneration disabled"); //Output text to default chatbox

mp.events.add('disablePlayerRegeneration', disableRegeneration);

mp.players.callInDimension(2, "disablePlayerRegeneration");

See Also