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Makes a ped follow the targetVehicle with <minDistance> in between.

note: minDistance is ignored if drivingstyle is avoiding traffic, but Rushed is fine.

Mode: The mode defines the relative position to the targetVehicle. The ped will try to position its vehicle there.
-1 = behind
0 = ahead
1 = left
2 = right
3 = back left
4 = back right

if the target is closer than noRoadsDistance, the driver will ignore pathing/roads and follow you directly.

Driving Styles guide:


player.taskVehicleEscort(vehicle, targetVehicle, mode, speed, drivingStyle, minDistance, p7, noRoadsDistance);

Required Arguments

  • vehicle: Vehicle handle or object
  • targetVehicle: Vehicle handle or object
  • mode: int
  • speed: float
  • drivingStyle: int
  • minDistance: float
  • p7: int
  • noRoadsDistance: float

Return value

  • Undefined


// todo

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