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Function.Call(Hash.TASK_PLANE_LAND, pilot, selectedAirplane, runwayStartPoint.X, runwayStartPoint.Y, runwayStartPoint.Z, runwayEndPoint.X, runwayEndPoint.Y, runwayEndPoint.Z); 

Using this you can task the ped to land (This will only task the ped to land the plane if already in air) You need to turn the engines on manually because the ped will not


player.taskPlaneLand(plane, runwayStartX, runwayStartY, runwayStartZ, runwayEndX, runwayEndY, runwayEndZ);

Required Arguments

  • plane: Vehicle handle or object
  • runwayStartX: float
  • runwayStartY: float
  • runwayStartZ: float
  • runwayEndX: float
  • runwayEndY: float
  • runwayEndZ: float

Return value

  • Undefined


// This will task the ped to land in Sandy Shore airport
Ped.taskPlaneLand(VehicleOfPed.handle, 1060.688232421875, 3077.2314453125, 40.273826599121094, 1667.779541015625, 3240.7724609375, 39.652400970458984);

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