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Flags from decompiled scripts:
0 = normal exit and closes door.
1 = normal exit and closes door.
16 = teleports outside, door kept closed.
64 = normal exit and closes door, maybe a bit slower animation than 0.
256 = normal exit but does not close the door.
4160 = ped is throwing himself out, even when the vehicle is still.
262144 = ped moves to passenger seat first, then exits normally

Others to be tried out: 320, 512, 131072.


player.taskLeaveVehicle(vehicle, flags);

Required Arguments

  • vehicle: Vehicle handle or object
  • flags: int

Return value

  • Undefined


Forces the local player to exit his current vehicle

let localVeh = mp.players.local.vehicle;
if (localVeh) {
    mp.players.local.taskLeaveVehicle(localVeh.handle, 0);

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