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movement_speed: mostly 2f, but also 1/1.2f, etc.
p8: always false
p9: 2f
p10: 0.5f
p11: true
p12: 0 / 512 / 513, etc.
p13: 0
firing_pattern: ${firing_pattern_full_auto}, 0xC6EE6B4C


player.taskGoToCoordWhileAimingAtCoord(x, y, z, aimAtX, aimAtY, aimAtZ, moveSpeed, p8, p9, p10, p11, flags, p13, firingPattern);

Required Arguments

  • x: float
  • y: float
  • z: float
  • aimAtX: float
  • aimAtY: float
  • aimAtZ: float
  • moveSpeed: float
  • p8: Boolean
  • p9: float
  • p10: float
  • p11: Boolean
  • flags: unknown (to be checked)
  • p13: Boolean
  • firingPattern: Model hash or name

Return value

  • Undefined


// todo

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