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time1- Time Ped is in ragdoll mode(ms)

time2- time2 same as time1 but in mircoseconds (us)

0 : Normal ragdoll
1 : Falls with stiff legs/body
2 : Narrow leg stumble(may not fall)
3 : Wide leg stumble(may not fall)

p4, p5, p6- No idea

EDIT 3/11/16: unclear what 'mircoseconds' mean-- a microsecond is 1000x a ms, so time2 must be 1000x time1? more testing needed. -sob time2 seems to be 2x time1 - worked in our tests with time1 = 5000 and time2 = 10000 and all booleans as false. - Enorion


player.setToRagdoll(time1, time2, ragdollType, p4, p5, p6);

Required Arguments

  • time1: int
  • time2: int
  • ragdollType: int
  • p4: Boolean
  • p5: Boolean
  • p6: Boolean

Return value

  • Boolean


// todo

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