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Turns the desired ped into a cop. If you use this on the player ped, you will become almost invisible to cops dispatched for you. You will also report your own crimes, get a generic cop voice, get a cop-vision-cone on the radar, and you will be unable to shoot at other cops. SWAT and Army will still shoot at you. Toggling ped as 'false' has no effect; you must change p0's ped model to disable the effect.



Required Arguments

  • toggle: Boolean

Return value

  • Undefined

    "entityStreamIn" : (entity) => {
	if(entity.type === 'player') // check if it's a player or not
        	const isOnDuty = entity.getVariable('isOnDuty'); // setVariable when player on duty, handle it on server-side
	        if(isOnDuty) entity.setAsCop(true); // if this player on duty, set this player as a cop

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