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This functions writes a chat message to player.



Required Arguments

  • text: String Text what should be output in player chat.

Example #1

This example welcomes player on connect.`playerJoin`, 
	player => {
		player.outputChatBox(`Welcome to the server, ${}!`);

Example #2

This example just output color texts. Note: chat.colors property should be enabled - if you wanna use that.

let red = `#ff0000`;
let player =; // 1337 is a player id
if (player) {
	player.outputChatBox(`!{#dddddd}This is Grey! !{#ffffff}This is White! !{${red}}This is Red!`);
	player.outputChatBox(` !{255, 0, 0}This is too Red! !{green}This is Green! !{255, 0, 255, 0.5}This is opacity Pink!`);

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