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Returns size of array, passed into the second variable.

See below for usage information.

This function actually requires a struct, where the first value is the maximum number of elements to return. Here is a sample of how I was able to get it to work correctly, without yet knowing the struct format.

//Setup the array
const int numElements = 10;
const int arrSize = numElements * 2 + 2;
Any veh[arrSize];
//0 index is the size of the array
veh[0] = numElements;

int count = Player::GET_Player_NEARBY_VEHICLES(PLAYER::PLAYER_Player_ID(), veh);

if (veh != NULL)
//Simple loop to go through results
for (int i = 0; i < count; i++)
int offsettedID = i * 2 + 2;
//Make sure it exists
if (veh[offsettedID] != NULL && ENTITY::DOES_ENTITY_EXIST(veh[offsettedID]))
//Do something



Required Arguments

  • sizeAndVehs: int

Return value

  • int


// todo

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