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Some motionstate hashes are

0xec17e58 (standing idle), 0xbac0f10b (nothing?), 0x3f67c6af (aiming with pistol 2-h), 0x422d7a25 (stealth), 0xbd8817db, 0x916e828c

and those for the strings

'motionstate_idle', 'motionstate_walk', 'motionstate_run', 'motionstate_actionmode_idle', and 'motionstate_actionmode_walk'.

Regarding p2, p3 and p4: Most common is 0, 0, 0); followed by 0, 1, 0); and 1, 1, 0); in the scripts. p4 is very rarely something other than 0.


player.forceMotionState(motionStateHash, p2, p3, p4);

Required Arguments

  • motionStateHash: Model hash or name
  • p2: Boolean
  • p3: Boolean
  • p4: Boolean

Return value

  • Boolean


// todo

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