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Determines the name of the street which is the closest to the given coordinates.

x,y,z - the coordinates of the street
streetName - returns a hash to the name of the street the coords are on
crossingRoad - if the coordinates are on an intersection, a hash to the name of the crossing road

Note: the names are returned as hashes, the strings can be returned using the function UI::GET_STREET_NAME_FROM_HASH_KEY.

Syntax, y, z, streetName, crossingRoad);

Required Arguments

  • x: float
  • y: float
  • z: float
  • streetName: Hash
  • crossingRoad: Hash

Return value

  • object: streetName, crossingRoad


// Clientside
const local = mp.players.local; 

let getStreet =, local.position.y, local.position.z, 0, 0);
// Returns obj {"streetName": hash, crossingRoad: hash}

If you want the real streetname you have to use:

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