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I'm Not MentaL:

Example Usage:

Public Function GenerateDirectionsToCoord(Pos As Vector3) As Tuple(Of String, Single, Single)
Dim f4, f5, f6 As New OutputArgument()
Native.Function.Call(Hash.GENERATE_DIRECTIONS_TO_COORD, Pos.X, Pos.Y, Pos.Z, True, f4, f5, f6)
Dim direction As String = f4.GetResult(Of Single)()
Return New Tuple(Of String, Single, Single)(direction.Substring(0, 1), f5.GetResult(Of Single)(), f6.GetResult(Of Single)())
End Function

p3 I use 1

0 = You Have Arrive
1 = Recalculating Route, Please make a u-turn where safe
2 = Please Proceed the Highlighted Route
3 = Keep Left (unsure)
4 = In (distToNxJunction) Turn Left
5 = In (distToNxJunction) Turn Right
6 = Keep Right (unsure)
7 = In (distToNxJunction) Go Straight Ahead
8 = In (distToNxJunction) Join the freeway
9 = In (distToNxJunction) Exit Freeway

return value set to 0 always

Syntax, y, z, p3, p4, vehicle, p6);

Required Arguments

  • x: float
  • y: float
  • z: float
  • p3: boolean (true)
  • p4: int
  • vehicle: Vehicle
  • p6: float

Return value

  • object: p4, vehicle, p6


// todo

See also

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