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===Required Arguments===
===Required Argument===
* keyCode {{RageType|Number}} [https://keycode.info code of the key].
* '''keyCode''': {{RageType|Number}} - [https://keycode.info code of the key].
===Return Value===
===Return Value===

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Function to check if specific key is pressed down.



Required Argument

Return Value

  • Boolean - true if the key specified is pressed, Otherwise false.


An interval that runs every half-second and outputs the state of the F2 key (pressed or not).

setInterval(() => {
    if (mp.keys.isDown(113) === true) { // 113 is the key code for F2
        mp.gui.chat.push('F2 key is pressed!');
    } else {
        mp.gui.chat.push('F2 key is not pressed!');
}, 500);

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