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RAGE Multiplayer is a Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer modification tends to give the user the full freedom to build their own world using their creativity with no limits imposed, you will be the judge to what extent your boundaries are to be set! RAGE:MP provides you with a powerful API that allows you to create your very own server that promises a smooth gaming experience with no FPS loss and an advanced accurate synchronisation.

Requirements to Install RAGE:MP


Installing Rage Multiplayer is now much easier than you believe.

  • Download RAGE Multiplayer Web-Installer
  • Launch the installer and click next until you are prompted to launch RAGE Multiplayer.
  • Click finish and it should start the updating process.
  • After finishing the updater you'll get a permission to launch ragemp_v.exe, accept and wait until the game finally loads.


if you face any problems or issues don't hesitate to contact us on Discord or Forums.

Wish you happy gaming!