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Police Automobile = 1
Police Helicopter = 2
Swat Helicopter = 3
Fire Department = 4
Swat Automobile = 5
Ambulance Department = 6
Gangs = 7
Police Riders = 8
Police Vehicle Request = 9
Police Road Block = 10
Police Boat = 11
Army Vehicle = 12

By making toggle false it disables the dispatch (for 7, it will disable gangs.)

curious if this is what they used when you toggled on and off cops in a GTA IV freemode you hosted. Sad they got rid of the option to make a private session without cops.
Also on x360 seems with or without neverWanted on, setting these to all false in SP of course doesn't seem to work. I would understand getting stars, but cops are still dispatched and combat you.

Syntax, toggle);

Required Arguments

  • dispatchType: int
  • toggle: Boolean

Return value

  • Undefined


// todo

See also

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