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sfink: note, p0 is set to 6 for PC platform in at least 1 script, or to `unk::_get_ui_language_id() == 0` otherwise.

NOTE: windowTitle uses text labels, and an invalid value will display nothing.

CELL_EMAIL_BOD = 'Enter your Eyefind message'
CELL_EMAIL_BODE = 'Message too long. Try again'
CELL_EMAIL_BODF = 'Forbidden message. Try again'
CELL_EMAIL_SOD = 'Enter your Eyefind subject'
CELL_EMAIL_SODE = 'Subject too long. Try again'
CELL_EMAIL_SODF = 'Forbidden text. Try again'
CELL_EMASH_BOD = 'Enter your Eyefind message'
CELL_EMASH_BODE = 'Message too long. Try again'
CELL_EMASH_BODF = 'Forbidden message. Try again'
CELL_EMASH_SOD = 'Enter your Eyefind subject'
CELL_EMASH_SODE = 'Subject too long. Try again'
CELL_EMASH_SODF = 'Forbidden Text. Try again'
FMMC_KEY_TIP10 = 'Enter Synopsis'
FMMC_KEY_TIP12 = 'Enter Custom Team Name'
FMMC_KEY_TIP12F = 'Forbidden Text. Try again'
FMMC_KEY_TIP12N = 'Custom Team Name'
FMMC_KEY_TIP8 = 'Enter Message'
FMMC_KEY_TIP8F = 'Forbidden Text. Try again'
FMMC_KEY_TIP8FS = 'Invalid Message. Try again'
FMMC_KEY_TIP8S = 'Enter Message'
FMMC_KEY_TIP9 = 'Enter Outfit Name'
FMMC_KEY_TIP9F = 'Invalid Outfit Name. Try again'
FMMC_KEY_TIP9N = 'Outfit Name'
PM_NAME_CHALL = 'Enter Challenge Name'

Syntax, windowTitle, p2, defaultText, defaultConcat1, defaultConcat2, defaultConcat3, maxInputLength);

Required Arguments

  • p0: int
  • windowTitle: String
  • p2: String
  • defaultText: String
  • defaultConcat1: String
  • defaultConcat2: String
  • defaultConcat3: String
  • maxInputLength: int

Return value

  • Undefined


// todo

See also

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