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p0 could be type (valueused in scripts: 14, 7, 5, 3, 11)
p1 is a return from get_player_ped() in am_gang_call.c, but player_ped_id() in other (non am) scripts.
p3 is usually 0f or 3f

enum IncidentTypes{
FireDepartment = 3,
Paramedics = 5,
Police = 7,
PedsInCavalcades = 11,
Merryweather = 14

As for the 'police' incident, it will call police cars to you, but unlike PedsInCavalcades & Merryweather they won't start shooting at you unless you shoot first or shoot at them. The top 2 however seem to cancel theirselves if there is noone dead around you or a fire. I only figured them out as I found out the 3rd param is definately the amountOfPeople and they called incident 3 in scripts with 4 people (which the firetruck has) and incident 5 with 2 people (which the ambulence has). The 4 param I cant say is radius, but for the pedsInCavalcades and Merryweather R* uses 0.0f and for the top 3 (Emergency Services) they use 3.0f.

Side Note: It seems calling the pedsInCavalcades or Merryweather then removing it seems to break you from calling the EmergencyEvents and I also believe pedsInCavalcades. (The V cavalcades of course not IV).

Side Note 2: I say it breaks as if you call this proper,
if(CREATE_INCIDENT) etc it will return false if you do as I said above.

Syntax, p1, p2, p3, outIncident);

Required Arguments

  • p0: int
  • p1: Entity handle or object
  • p2: int
  • p3: float
  • outIncident: int

Return value

  • int


// todo

See also

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