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This event is called everytime a entity goes out of player's streaming range.

Client-Side Event

 C#  JavaScript

C# Syntax

public delegate void OnEntityStreamOutDelegate(Entity entity);


  • entity - the streamed entity, expects RAGE.Elements.Entity


The example below sends a message to client when an entity leave the stream range, showing the entity model, position and remoteId.

Events.OnEntityStreamOut += OnEntityStreamOut;
public void OnEntityStreamOut(RAGE.Elements.Entity entity)
    RAGE.Chat.Output($"{entity.Model} streamed out at {entity.Position} with serverside id:{entity.RemoteId}");

JavaScript Syntax

mp.events.add('entityStreamOut', (entity) => {});


  • entity: The entity handler, output expects any type.


The example below shows up a message for a player when an entity streams out.

mp.events.add('entityStreamOut', (entity) => {
    mp.gui.chat.push('Entity is gone, but never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...');