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Creates a spherical cone at origin that extends to surface with the angle specified. Then returns true if the entity is inside the spherical cone

Angle is measured in degrees.
These values are constant, most likely bogus:
p8 = 0, p9 = 1, p10 = 0

This method can also take two float<3> instead of 6 floats.


entity.isInAngledArea(originX, originY, originZ, edgeX, edgeY, edgeZ, angle, p8, p9, p10);

Required Arguments

  • originX: float
  • originY: float
  • originZ: float
  • edgeX: float
  • edgeY: float
  • edgeZ: float
  • angle: float
  • p8: Boolean
  • p9: Boolean
  • p10: unknown (to be checked)

Return value

  • Boolean


// todo

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