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In the script 'player_scene_t_bbfight.c4':
'if (ENTITY::FIND_ANIM_EVENT_PHASE(&l_16E, &l_19F[v_4/*16*/], v_9, &v_A, &v_B))'
-- &l_16E (p0) is requested as an anim dictionary earlier in the script.
-- &l_19F[v_4/*16*/] (p1) is used in other natives in the script as the 'animation' param.
-- v_9 (p2) is instantiated as 'victim_fall'; I'm guessing that's another anim
--v_A and v_B (p3 & p4) are both set as -1.0, but v_A is used immediately after this native for:
Both v_A and v_B are seemingly used to contain both Vector3's and floats, so I can't say what either really is other than that they are both output parameters. p4 looks more like a *Vector3 though


mp.game.entity.findAnimEventPhase(animDictionary, animName, p2, p3, p4);

Required Arguments

  • animDictionary: String
  • animName: String
  • p2: String
  • p3: unknown (to be checked)
  • p4: unknown (to be checked)

Return value

  • Boolean


// todo

See also

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