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breakForce is the amount of force required to break the bond.
p14 - is always 1 in scripts
p15 - is 1 or 0 in scripts - unknoun what it does
p16 - controls collision between the two entities (FALSE disables collision).
p17 - do not teleport entity to be attached to the position of the bone Index of the target entity (if 1, entity will not be teleported to target bone)
p18 - is always 2 in scripts.


entity.attachToPhysically(entity2, boneIndex1, boneIndex2, xPos1, yPos1, zPos1, xPos2, yPos2, zPos2, xRot, yRot, zRot, breakForce, fixedRot, p15, collision, p17, p18);

Required Arguments

  • entity2: Entity handle or object
  • boneIndex1: int
  • boneIndex2: int
  • xPos1: float
  • yPos1: float
  • zPos1: float
  • xPos2: float
  • yPos2: float
  • zPos2: float
  • xRot: float
  • yRot: float
  • zRot: float
  • breakForce: float
  • fixedRot: Boolean
  • p15: Boolean
  • collision: Boolean
  • p17: Boolean
  • p18: int

Return value

  • Undefined


// todo

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