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character is 0 for Michael, 1 for Franklin, 2 for Trevor, 3 for freemode male, and 4 for freemode female.

componentId is between 0 and 11 and corresponds to the usual component slots.

p1 could be the outfit number; unsure.

p2 is usually -1; unknown function.

p3 appears to be a boolean flag; unknown function.

p4 is usually -1; unknown function.


mp.game.dlc1.getNumPropsFromOutfit(character, p1, p2, p3, p4, componentId);

Required Arguments

  • character: int
  • p1: int
  • p2: int
  • p3: Boolean
  • p4: int
  • componentId: int

Return value

  • int


// todo

See also

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