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dlcWeaponIndex takes a number from 0 - GET_NUM_DLC_WEAPONS() - 1.
struct DlcWeaponData
int emptyCheck; //use DLC1::_IS_DLC_DATA_EMPTY on this
int padding1;
int weaponHash;
int padding2;
int unk;
int padding3;
int weaponCost;
int padding4;
int ammoCost;
int padding5;
int ammoType;
int padding6;
int defaultClipSize;
int padding7;
char nameLabel[64];
char descLabel[64];
char desc2Label[64]; // usually 'the' + name
char upperCaseNameLabel[64];


mp.game.dlc1.getDlcWeaponData(dlcWeaponIndex, outData);

Required Arguments

  • dlcWeaponIndex: int
  • outData: unknown (to be checked)

Return value

  • Boolean


// todo

See also

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