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These are the pages that requires Examples.

If you are able to put a working example, then we will be very thankful for your contribution.


  • Should be fully clear and working example
  • Should be in a code block.
  • Client-side scripts must be in red 'client-side' containers and server-side scripts must be in blue 'server-side' containers.


That's example will just call server side event, from client, if player screen size not a 1280x1024.

let checkResolution = () => {
	let res =, y);
	if (!((res.x == 1280) && (res.y == 1024))) {"kickMeImBad", res.x, res.y);


let blahBlah = (player, sx, sy) => {
	console.log(`${} bad boy :c, his screen size ${sx}x${sy}`);
};"kickMeImBad", blahBlah);
  • Description for the code block you provided.

When you finish your example, Don't forget to remove the [[Category:TODO: Example]]. We thank you for your contribution.

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