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p0 dosen't seem to change much, I tried it with 0, 1, 2:
0-Pitch(X): -70.000092
0-Roll(Y): -0.000001
0-Yaw(Z): -43.886459
1-Pitch(X): -70.000092
1-Roll(Y): -0.000001
1-Yaw(Z): -43.886463
2-Pitch(X): -70.000092
2-Roll(Y): -0.000002
2-Yaw(Z): -43.886467


Required Arguments

  • p0: int

Return value

  • Vector3


//Store the values:
var cam_rot =;

The X component is stored as


Same for Y and Z (keep in mind that when we get a component from a Vector3 we use small letters)

See also

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