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camName is always set to 'DEFAULT_SCRIPTED_CAMERA' in Rockstar's scripts.
Camera names found in the b617d scripts:
Side Note: It seems p8 is basically to represent what would be the bool p1 within CREATE_CAM native. As well as the p9 since it's always 2 in scripts seems to represent what would be the last param within SET_CAM_ROT native which normally would be 2.

Syntax, posX, posY, posZ, rotX, rotY, rotZ, fov, p8, p9);

Required Arguments

  • camName: String
  • posX: float
  • posY: float
  • posZ: float
  • rotX: float
  • rotY: float
  • rotZ: float
  • fov: float
  • p8: Boolean
  • p9: int

Return value

  • Cam


// todo

See also

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