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Js.png JavaScript

Creates a blip to display on your map & minimap. Blips created server-side seem to be impossible to attach to the map. If you create the same blip server-side and client-side, only the second will stay attached to the map (the scale won't change if you zoom in or out).

For client-side usage, be sure that the handle is loaded (blip.handle > 0) before editing blip by any of RAGE functions / natives.

JavaScript Syntax

Syntax, position,
    name: name,
    scale: scale,
    color: color,
    alpha: alpha,
    drawDistance: drawDistance,
    shortRange: shortRange,
    rotation: rotation,
    dimension: dimension,
    radius: radius,


  • *sprite: Int (Blip sprites)
  • *position: Vector3
  • name: String
  • scale: Float: How big the blip shows on the map
  • color: Color ID (Blip colors)
  • alpha: Int [0:255]
  • drawDistance: Float
  • shortRange: Boolean: If it's hidden in the minimap until the player is close
  • rotation: Float
  • dimension: Int
  • radius: Float


This creates a blip at the police station. The blip is assigned to the variable policeBlip.

let policeBlip =, new mp.Vector3(427.95, -981.05, 0),
        name: 'Los Santos Police Station',
        color: 3,
        shortRange: true,

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