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This is the same as _PLAY_AMBIENT_SPEECH1 and _PLAY_AMBIENT_SPEECH2 but it will allow you to play a speech file from a specific voice file. It works on players and all peds, even animals.

EX (C#):
GTA.Native.Function.Call(Hash._0x3523634255FC3318, Game.Player.Character, 'GENERIC_INSULT_HIGH', 's_m_y_sheriff_01_white_full_01', 'SPEECH_PARAMS_FORCE_SHOUTED', 0);

The first param is the ped you want to play it on, the second is the speech name, the third is the voice name, the fourth is the speech param, and the last param is usually always 0.

Syntax, speechName, voiceName, speechParam, p4);

Required Arguments

  • p0: Ped handle or object
  • speechName: String
  • voiceName: String
  • speechParam: String
  • p4: Boolean

Return value

  • Undefined


// todo

See also

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